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The discussions and adjendas for various committee meetings are not printed in our community newsletter or in our meeting minutes, like many other HOAs. Information can ONLY be found at the front office BY REQUEST as to WHAT OUR COMMITTEES are currently discussing and achieving.  The purpose of creating a committee is to relieve board members with further homeowner and resident community participation in an advisory capacity.  You do not HAVE to be a HOME OWNER to participate on a committee, however, in order for a committee to be VALID there must be two  board representatives or board directors on the committee. 

Benefits of Committees


    Committees have important benefits for homeowners associations and their members. Although advisory in their functioning, they increase the ability of the directors to get their tasks done efficiently and in a timely manner, by providing additional data and ideas. Committee members increase the number of homeowners and renters who are informed about topics of interest and help to keep others informed. They help to increase participation in the association's affairs by stimulating committee members' interest and feelings of cohesion, along with those of the other homeowners.


Composition of Standing Committees


    Bylaws may designate any number of standing committees. The bylaws will probably state the mission and goal of each committee and how their chairpersons will be chosen. Ordinarily the chairperson of the board of directors chooses the committee chairperson, who then selects the committee's members from homeowners who volunteer. Some associations allow people who are not homeowners to take part in committee activities.


    As a committee chairperson, you may sit in board meetings, but your role remains advisory as the board directors may not delegate their legal responsibilities



Read more: Purpose of Committees in Homeowners Associations


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