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There are board positions that apparently are expiring as we are taking board member applications until May 15th. at 4PM.  NOthing was stated as to which board members terms were expiring.  It seems that the board, changes contact positions frequently and no one really knows which board member is handling what position. The ballot count for the recent position opening will be on May 10th at the OPEN BOARD MEETING.

There has been nothing stated as to what committees have achieved or what committees are looking into from the information posted in our newsletters or board minutes. No one on those committees feels that the community is interested in what they are looking into? Rubbish. The committees should post something in our newsletter about the issues they have discussed.

Pines Talk website has been down for over a week and no one has stated what the issues are with that website.  DHM - readerlady, DID post in Nisqually Pines EVents that she was looking into the site issue, however, it appears that she deleted this comment in the EVent forum shortly after Nisqually PInes Facebook rejoined the group.

Office staff and two board members have declined to respond to enquiry into posting a free classified advertisement in our newsletter concerning the Facebook page and website, in spite of the fact that this website, and the Facebook page have been operating for well over a year and a half FOR THE COMMUNITY.

Office staff indicated that b/c the page and the community website are operated anonymously, the office, has refused a free advertisement and has blocked all emails. Although Office Staff claims to know the identity  through snooping on IP addresses, no one on the board seems to be concerned about privacy violations by the office.

There is no standard communication policy kept by either THE BOARD or THE OFFICE STAFF and this wastes the community's time in attempting to resolve issues - community business is delayed. 


Questions For the Open Board Meeting:

What is the status of the property on Thuja, a single wide trailer, that appears abandoned, burnt out and unkept? This property has been in an unkept state for SEVERAL YEARS NOW. +4 years.

What is the status of an electronic communications AND an office communications policy? (This governs communication from community members to the board and from the board to community members outside of a written formal complaint.)


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