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A number of our community trees have been scheduled for destruction due to the new water project.  Pines Talk Forum has discussed a few dead CEDAR trees.  I personally have not noticed the CEDAR trees dying.  I'll have to drive around and check them out.  What I HAVE noticed is that there are a number of pine trees of the same species that have dead or dying branches.  I am wondering what has caused this?

While this image is similar to what is happening to our pine trees, this tree suffers from a mountain pine beetle infestation.  If anyone could take a few photographs of our trees it would be appreciated.  Close up photos of the trunk, and needles of the tree would assist in identifying the issue we have.


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Email and response  sent from forestry officials were forwarded to board members, the office and maintenance.  Three different officials have offered to assist in identifying the issues a few of us have noted in our trees.  Specifically a species of pine and in our cedar trees. The emails to the office DID NOT GET THERE this am and were sent back :(.  Posted a suggestion form and emailed it.

If you have a pine tree in or around your yard with brown needles and or a dying branch on the tree please take a photograph of the trunk and the affected branch and send it to [email protected] so that WA DNR may assist in identifying the problem.

Thank you!

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