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I am having a problem with all the loose animals in the neighborhood.  they are owned by the same family and crap all over my yard.  After I complained at the office I was told that I could always catch them and take them to the pound.  The dogs are never leashed and run the area constantly.  It does no good to talk to the owners as they have stated "It is impossible to keep them in the yard".  Apparently the leash law around here is not enforced.  The staff seem too occupied with attacking each other about stupid things like signs and who's cleaning who's gutters.  Perhaps when the lousy pet owners have to start paying fines to thurston county animal shelter (as I am sure the dogs are unlicensed as well) they may begin to pay attention.  Am I the only person here who is tired of cleaning up other peoples crap?  I doubt poop stations will change anything since a rotten pet owner is often a lazy one as well.  We all have plastic bags around our houses...there are just some peope who would rather step in shit than clean it up.  

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No , you are not the only one frustrated by dog owners who absolutely REFUSE to leash their animals and allow their dogs to run freely.  I have unfortunately encountered one individual who continues to allow his dog off leash.  Thurston county laws demand that all dogs are leashed.  It becomes a problem for those of us who are responsible pet owners who leash or fence our pets and it is entirely unfair.  The poop stations were refused because the offer from the county indicated that "special bags" be purchased for the stations.  There are many RESPONSIBLE pet owners in The Pines, too, however, who go un-noticed. 


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I have recieved ANOTHER complaint about loose dogs and I did notice that this months (January 2012) community newsletter made a good PSA about leashing/fencing your pets in The Pines.  IT IS IMPORTANT. Check out my copy of the newsletter here.

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