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The Pines is a homeowners association in Yelm, Washington.  This is The Pines Social Network, an unofficial members website where members and residents can share information.



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ANY misleading information comes from the UNWILLINGNESS

of the board & the OFFICE MANAGER


for everyone who lives in this COMMUNITY. 


2015 Goals - Print - Sign - Send 

When you switch hit policy and procedure, ditch records and generally screw around in an UNETHICAL - NON TRANSPARENT WAY that RETALIATES against people instead of providing CLARITY that is REQUESTED? Over'll have 200 ballots to count out of 600 MAILED. (Its called ghetto. AND IT SHOWS. )


Don't forget to fill out that complaint suggestion form (link above) fulfilling the goals of appropriate HOA operation. Provide for TRANSPARENCY by removing provisions allowing the board to circumvent 94-1 through "appointing" the office manager to deal with complaints and suggestions - that is reserved for committees (which need to be defined properly by non-profit LAW by appointing TWO DIRECTORS, properly formatted official minutes, and remove the CONFLICT of INTEREST in allowing PAID STAFF (office manager) on a committee of VOLUNTEERS), disallow facebook on company time, form an electronic security and privacy policy (due to use of EVENTS GROUP for the HOA on facebook & undisclosed affiliations (facebook friends), disallow snooping on IPs by the HOA as the office manager has stated that she HAS, bring common sense solutions to community issues (define community), disallow SWITCH HITTING POLICY, require specific FOLLOW THROUGH to complaints by removing SINGLE SOURCE OF FAILURE, define specific WRITTEN procedure for filing and responding to complaints not related to PROPERTY STANDARDS, and follow through with resolving those issues in written FORM from the ADJUDICATION committee. Refusing to discuss issues at board to provide transparency - denying records previously created, LIES --SPURIOUS LAWSUITS AND THREATS TO FORCE SALE all to keep denying FACTS - ZERO TRANSPARENCY - REMOVE those common denominators of MISMANAGEMENT of employees cited 2010 - Charity - Toni - Joyce - Mary - Rob - Theresa.


Some basic information on WHY homeowners associations exist AT ALL is to MANAGE COMMUNITY ASSETS:Clubhouse, Community Parks - River Park, Little Lake, Play Park, Roads, Water System. 


COMMUNITY rights under WA RCW governing Homeowner Associations in Washington State - Chapter 64.38 RCW 


When an HOA does NOT provide the TRANSPARENCY in OPERATIONS for EVERYONE, you know something is WRONG.


And there IS a problem at this HOA - history of MISMANAGEMENT of EMPLOYEES and RETALIATION. NVN 2010


NUMEROUS times they try to shut down informing the community...because of petty jealousy and obvious WRONG DOING.




And so RETALIATION from the HOA exists  .... NEEDLESSLY harming the community through underhanded switch hitting policy & procedures against written documents.


Clique$ are expen$ive and fundamentally--they fail.



The opinions expressed on The Pines blog, The Pines Unofficial Members Website on Twitter, and on Facebook are in no way intended to represent the opinions of the Nisqually Pines Community Club, it's members or Board.


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Nisqually Pines Community

8903 Pepperidge Lane SE Yelm WA 98597

Phone: 360-458-7370 Fax: 360-458-7157

Office Hours Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

Closed on holidays and weekends.



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